Blockchain today can be compared to a state of fintech 4 years ago – it is too early to invest a lot today, and it will be too expensive to invest in 1-2 years perspective. Banks have skipped the wave of fintech – they are not the most active and influential players in the industry (26% max. of new investments provided by banks). Financial institutions can either skip the new wave of blockchain or discover it with us. Also most of fintech/blockchain startups are not open to attract direct investments from banks as it might bring them a conflict of interests with other banks-as- partners.


Chris Skinner

Partner, Life.SREDA BB fund


Thomas Labenbacher

Partner, Life.SREDA BB fund

Vladislav Solodkiy

Partner, Life.SREDA BB fund

Igor Pesin

Partner, Life.SREDA BB fund

In April 2016 we announced our London-based new $100M fund (in the process of raising right now) – The Banking on Blockchain Fund – with three famous fintech experts and blockchain evangelists: Chris Skinner, David Brear, Thomas Labenbacher and Simon Taylor. The BB Fund is focusing on becoming a «gateway» for banks and insurance companies to discover blockchain industry through:

1. Using our high-professional team to understand demand from banks,

2. Deal-sourcing and investing into several promising blockchain startups (not only few because it is too early to make decisions about winners),

3. Consulting financial institutions about possible future implementations of these technologies inside its core-businesses.

Finally, 1, you will educate yourself and your employees regarding blockchain not from the articles and open presentations, but «learning by doing», 2, you will know much more about complimentary opportunities of these startups for your core-business, 3, later you can invest more directly or to buyout these startups with better understanding and lower risks, how and why they can be useful to you.