Since the very beginning we decided to share our knowledge with all new comers who are interested in fintech – because we are not just one more «cash in – cash out» investor, we are ecosystem builders. We think that the future of fintech belongs not only to current existing companies, but also to anyone who is inspired today to start their new venture. Thus, with this venture research we try to inspire and distribute it for free.
The first issue of Money Of The Future in 2012 was one of the first venture fintech researches in the world. Previously it was annual report and now we are publishing it twice a year, because fintech became so fast-growing and big.

And still it is one of the most respectful reports — you can see data, charts, infographic, conclusions and predictions from our report. Now we have more than 50K downloads of each report (main countries: US, UK, Germany, Singapore, Russia).
Additionally, in 2015, we launched where we aggregate the most important articles, news, events that shift the industry forward. It is very convenient place to see all fintech-related news as a feed in one place. Recently BBVA Compass included to its top 10 list of the most valuable fintech related newspapers and blogs.

The First Fintech
Bank Arrival
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Crypto-friendly neobanks VS classic fintech neobanks
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Overview of crypto-friendly
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The Bubble Generation
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2016 — 2017

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H1 2016

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2015 — 2016

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2014 — 2015

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