Life.SREDA I was established in 2012 as a $40M VC firm and became one of the first global VC funds focused on Financial Technologies. Standing in the forefront of technological evolution of financial services industry we have developed a special data driven approach and vision, thus witnessing a tremendous opportunity with subsequent growth of a sector. Since 2012 we invested in 13 best-in-class start-ups across various verticals including the first wave of neobanks like Simple, Moven, SumUp and many others.



Moven is a convenient bank, built following mobile first methodology. Besides easy and comfortable management, bank provides an opportunity of expense tracking and planning, p2p transfers and more.

The digital banking platform


US based startup Simple is creating a better interface for banking through the Web and mobile apps. In partnership with financial institutions which will hold the actual deposits, Simple is focusing on creating a better customer experience and simplifying the banking process by unifying all accounts into one, accessible through a bank card.

The world’s leading neobank

Fidor Russia is a joint venture of the most innovative German Fidor Bank, built around community of interested users, and Life.SREDA. Goal of Fidor Bank is to build “banking with a human face”, every function and service are added, transformed or erased in accordance with community users’ wishes and in close contact with them, meanwhile Fidor emphasizes web and mobile interaction

Social Financial platform and neobank


Rocketbank is first Russian mobile-only bank. Services Rocketbank offers include free card loading and cash withdrawal at any ATM worldwide, money transfers, expenditure analysis, a discount guide, application support, and an air miles program (users making card purchases with Rocketbank’s card get 1.5% of the value of purchases in air miles). Its iOS app includes the ability to pay a person without having to know their bank details — instead, users can pick who they want to pay from their phone address book or enter an email address or e-wallet number.

Leading neobank in Russia


SumUp is the leading mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) company in Europe, set to revolutionize the global payments market. With SumUp’s solution, merchants accept credit and debit cards, using their smartphones or tablets, in a simple, secure and cost-effective way.

One of the largest mPOS company in Europe


LifePay provides a revolutionary technology that allow SMEs to accept payments by plastic cards via smartphone, mobile application and asmall secure reader.

Leading mPOS acquiring player in CIS


Allset offers people the shortest way to a sit-down lunch at local restaurants. Our app allows people to book tables, and order and pay for their meals, which will be ready as soon as they arrive at the restaurant at their desired time. Our mission is to bring busy people back to local restaurants for lunch. We want to help busy people take a real break and save time while enjoying the full restaurant experience.

Improving the restaurant dining experience


Settle is mobile payment & loyalty app. It allows user to make an order, pay for a check and get loyalty rewards at restaurants and bars, using only phone, just after registering at Settle and linking bank card to user’s account.

Mobile payment & loyalty app


The first supplier of the cloud service for scoring purposes in Russia. The service is aimed at assessing the borrowers in PDL and POS lending, it suits for small loans up to 100K RUR issued for the period of up to one year

The scoring and big data technology


Anthemis Group is the leading digital financial services investment and advisory firm focused on re-inventing financial services through technology for the 21st century. It advises, transforms and invests in businesses that are building better ways to design, consume and distribute financial services in the Information Economy.

The leading digital finance service

mywishb is a first social finance platform for personal dreams and wishes. It is a social network with integrated handy wish list and diverse set of financial tools designed to contribute someone’s dream fulfillment.

Wishlist and crowdgifting


LifePAD is a project, allowing to expand tablet userbase in Russia on the basis of integrated platform, able to solve user’s personal and business related tasks. LifePADs are currently spread among Russian users with business background across all the territory of Russia. Like in case with Amazon Kindle, it is a freemium solution with preset SIM integrated.

Tablet with financial apps for SMEs


MyApps is a mobile apps constructor on all platforms for private persons and small and medium business. You can build «like Lego cubes» your own application in 15 minutes and it will be automatically published at AppStore, GooglePlay and other mobile stores!

Mobile apps constructor


Instabank banking platform scheme is based on mobile first methodology, it is a simple and convenient way for user to conduct the entire spectrum of banking operations, while using only tablet and/or smartphone for it. Bank focuses on usability and flexibility of its tools, with attention to integration with social services.

Beautiful and intuitive mobile bank