In 2013, the world noticed a phenomenal growth of digitally native financial services companies that started to reinvent finance in Asia. Exponential saturation of Asian market by incumbent firms and their potential in 2015 brought us to raise a Life.SREDA II — $100M fund focused on Asian FinTech companies and those considering expansion into Asia.

We target those entrepreneurs who are reshaping the world of finance and have high probability to scale on late-A or B rounds. We also seek to invest in complimentary companies by geo — same product, but in different markets or ecosystem — new tailored bundles of services for potential markets. Our investment strategy is geared to hedge risks and achieve synergy effect between companies at our portfolio. With Life.SREDA II we have already invested in 8 FinTech companies. In 2016, Asia became the region with the most FinTech investments in the world.



There are a few BaaS-platforms (in most countries of the world none at all), and only a small number of companies in the market have open APIs — but it is already clear that the market has matured, that without solving these infrastructure problems further fintech growth will be very limited.

Bank-as-a-service platform in Asia


New mobile only solution, linked to your bank account, enabling new services designed for parents, teenagers and household members. — Giving control back to families — Brand new features to help manager money, make transfers and spend responsibly. — Innovations in on-boarding, customer service and data-driven partnerships.

Digital banking services for families


Wish Finance is an alternative lender where small and medium merchants with POS/mPOS terminals are able to get short term business loans. Wish Finance HQ is in Singapore.

Business loans for merchant SMEs based on POS data


Ayannah provides digital commerce and payment services to the unbanked in emerging markets and the unbanked migrants in APAC countries. Key product — local and external remittances in Philippines. Ayannah aims to be the leading provider of digital commerce and payment services to the world’s unbanked. For unbanked migrants they give a better way to stay connected and to support their beneficiaries in their home country by giving them greater control over how their hard-earned remittances are used to improve the lives of their benefi ciaries.

Digital financial servicesfor the World’s unbanked


Fastacash is a global enabler of payments through social networks and messaging platforms, enabling secure and cost-effective transactions domestically and internationally. As a technology enabler, fastacash partners with companies and brands in the payments, remittance, consumer products, retail and social industries to bring its technology to end-users.

Payments through social networks and messaging platforms


Lenddo, world leader in social authentication and scoring technology, uses non-traditional data to provide credit scoring and verification for the emerging middle class. Lenddo has developed its patented technology based on 4 years of actual online lending experience that included collection, analysis and processing of billions of data points. The Lenddo Data Science team includes multiple PhDs and uses advanced machine learning techniques to build predictive algorithms. In January 2015, Lenddo opened its technologies for third parties, such as banks, lending institutions, utilities companies and credit card worldwide to reduce risk, increase portfolio size, improve customer service and verify applicants.

Social authentication and scoring technology


SoftPay Mobile International is a leading Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) solution and Payment Facilitator company in Southeast Asia. SoftPay’s mPOS solution enables businesses and individuals to accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Amex, China UnionPay), debit cards, bank cards, loyalty cards and all other kinds of card payments anywhere at anytime. Our mPOS solution is highly secure and has achieved numerous certifications to give merchants and customers peace of mind when processing payments.

Is a leading mPOS in Southeast Asia


Mobikon is a leading Customer Engagement and Marketing platform for Restaurants. Mobikon’s platform mEngage helps restaurants with a single view of customers across Ordering, Reservations, Feedback, social and marketing channels. Mobikon has pioneered in inStore customer engagement and has scaled in multiple markets across India and S.E. Asia.

Platform for restaurants dining app